Friday, June 3, 2011

Homeopathic Remedies for - Vaccination

Homeopathic Remedies for
Dogs and Cats

Homeopathic alternatives to conventional vaccines are beginning to gain acceptance. Studies indicate both their efficacy and safety. In addition, we are realizing the hazards that come along with live and modified-live vaccine drugs. Holistic veterinarians are struggling to begin the conversion process.

Please use the following format as an example of one protocol. Over time it will continue to evolve. The AHVMA will hopefully shepherd this process.

If you continue to utilize conventional vaccines (at this time we all must for Rabies), I would suggest that you follow the new standard for puppies and kittens (low repetition) followed by vaccines for Rabies every 3 years and for Distemper every 5-7 years for adult animals (to avoid unnessary innoculations, you could have a blood titer done to check the pets immunity). Avoid other vaccines such as Leukemia unless local situations dictate otherwise. Avoid multivalent vaccines (a vaccine prepared from several antigenic types within a species. Also called polyvalent vaccine) and never give vaccines to animals who are ill or under stress or that have recently undergone surgery. Never give more than one vaccine per veterinary visit, it is much safer to make a few extra trips to your vet.

To be on the safe side, it is worthwhile to antidote the possibility of vaccinosis (allergic reactions) with conventional vaccines by one or two doses of (homeopathic) Thuja 30c. Give 1 or 2 pillules dry before the shots are administered then dose again, after the shots are given.

Rabies shots can be antidoted specifically with the Rabies nosode, Lysene 30c. Give 1 or 2 pellets after the shot has been given.

Homeopathic Vaccines for Dogs and Cats


Feline Leukemia
FIP - Feline Infectious Peritonitis

1. It is best to give one homeopathic, vaccine at a time. Avoid using homeopathic combination nosodes.
2. Dose - dissolve 2 or 3 pellets in 1/4 oz of bottled water. Give 1 dropper-full (1/4 tesp.) per cat or small to medium size dog. 2 droppers full (1/2 teaspoon) to large dogs.
3. Schedule: Remember threes.
a. Give 1 dose, 6c twice a day for 3 weeks, OR
b. Give 1 dose 30c, once a week for 3 weeks, OR
c. Give 1 dose 200c once a month for 3 months, OR
d. Give a booster dose of 1M once every 6 months, you may reduce to once yearly or cease as the animal ages.

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