Monday, May 4, 2009

Homeopathic Remedy: Ledum

Ledum (Rosemary) 

Clinical Uses: 
Homeopathically prepared the little rosemary flower packs a big healing punch. It is a remedy that should be in your summer first aid kit to combat the effects of insect bites. Nothing works better for, flea or mosquito bites. It is also used for animal bites and puncture wounds caused by thorns, nails, barbed wire or any sharp object (helps to prevent infection and tetanus). Ledum has a specific action on hematoma (bleeding under the skin) after a trauma. It works deeper than Arnica. If your pet receives a blow to the eye that causes swelling and bleeding, Ledum is great to give before heading to the veterinarian. It is also the number one remedy for pressure sores that won't heal. These are seen so often in older dogs and other animals that lay for long periods of time on concrete or other hard surfaces. 

A homeopathic secret: We feel compelled to share it, but hope you don't need it... If you ever have a hangover caused by overindulging in hard liquor, it's Ledum 30c or 200c to the rescue!

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