Saturday, May 22, 2010

Veterinary Homeopathy - Remedy of the Week

Argentum Nitricum

In its crude form it is silver nitrate. In conventional medicine it has long been used in styptic pencils to control bleeding from small wounds. But once it has been made into a homeopathic medicine, Argentum nitricum has a different sphere of uses and acts on the nervous system. In homeopathy it is nicknamed the "OMG, what if..." remedy: because the person or animal who needs it experiences feelings of anxiety before an event takes place. The anxiousness can be to such a degree that they fear the worst will happen.

Veterinary Uses:

Anticipatory Fears

Consider this remedy for anxious, nervous, highly strung animals before they have to enter a show ring or 'perform' in events - for example, obedience trials, dog shows, horse shows, training, etc.

These animals/people are insecure, hyper and in a state of worry, which easily can lead to panic, nervous stomach, dizziness, diarrhea, trembling, palpitations, faintness, weakness, fear of failure and poor performance.

Human Uses:

This remedy is greatly indicated for fear and anxiety from excitement. It is used for fears and phobias such as, fear of flying, stage fright, anxiety over an upcoming job interview, examination funk, fear of public speaking, fear of crowds, fear of poor performance and insecurities about meeting new people. If your new to internet dating -- you'll definitely want to have this one hand!

People who need this remedy are often enthusiastic and suggestible, with a tendency toward peculiar thoughts and impulses. They often crave sweets and salt (which usually make their symptoms worse). They usually feel better in cool open air.

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