Sunday, July 4, 2010

Alternative Non-Toxic Treatment for Fleas

The nosode, PSORINUM can be given to a dog to repel those fleas that are so hard to get rid of during the summer. Even better, it also makes attacks by ticks less likely to happen; this helps the dog to fight more effectively against "tick sickness". We often recommend its use in the treatment of intolerance to flea/tick collar insecticides, or ineffectiveness. Hardy fleas will brave a flea collar.

If your dog suffers intollerable itching and skin inflammation due to flea allergies, Psorinum may offer your pet a safe, side effect free solution to corticosteroid shots, toxic sprays, shampoos, dips and drop on chemicals.

Suggested Dosage for Dogs: PSORINUM 30C, dose 1 pellet, once weekly.

What Is A Homeopathic Nosode

Nosodes are homeopathic remedies that are made from the specific products of a particular disease. This can be tissue containing the actual disease agents or tissue affected by those agents. A nosode is prepared in a diluted and potentized form just like any homeopathic medicine. There is no potential for an animal or person to become infected with a given disease agent from a nosode because of the pharmaceutical process that occurs which dilutes and inactivates any viable organisms. Nosodes seem to work most effectively, homeopathically, when they are given near or at the time of exposure.

Where to find the remedy: Psorinum 30c can be purchased here online for under $9.00. Or you can do a google search for the remedy name and you will find additional links to where you can order the nosode.

To learn more about homeopathic remedies for dogs, be sure to visit Pet Remedy Charts Homeopathy to the Rescue, the professional guide to using homeopathy to treat your pet at

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