Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Parrot Behaviour Consultant

Recently, I had the privilege of meeting, Yvonne MacMillan, via correspondence through the internet. She is a parrot behavior consultant and operates, The Island Parrot Sanctuary. It is the first Parrot Sanctuary to become a registered Charity in Scotland. I would like to share a story she sent me in one of her emails, pertaining to the work she does with rescued birds.

Yvonne MacMillan
Island Parrot Sanctuary
United Kingdom (Great Britain)

These birds were brought to us at the age of 40 years old. Their names are Charley and Jacob (Jacob left and Charley right). Charley is in the next photo with Bob eight weeks later. Jacob was beaten with a stick and found life very hard. Trust was a big issue as it was with Charley.

I was contacted by a rescue centre in Wales, England. I work with the special needs birds. We are a rescue centre for Parrots located on a small, quiet, Scottish Island, which is a Sanctuary in its self and gives the birds the tranquil peace that they need to heal.

Charley was deemed to be highly aggressive as was Jacob. They had been fed with tongs as they would bite badly if handled. In my experience these birds are just afraid and need time to trust and relax. Charley was the most naughty, but oh what a darling. He would say "Thank You" in a Welsh accent then take what ever you had to offer. He had badly self-mutilated his body, as you can see in the photo. but today he is a majestic wonderful boy with his plumage growing day by day. (after photo, shown below)

I worked with my wonderful avian vet Alistair Lawrie but also used herbs to help him heal. Milk thistle to take the anger from his liver. Aloe to sooth his skin and love to help him trust. Charley has now found a lover in a blue and gold macaw who goes by the name of Kimmy. They are full of naught behavior and fun. They have a stalker by the name of sparky who has a passion for big birds. She is a Red Rump Parakeet (Female). It is funny to see the three birds sleeping together with little sparky squeezing up to the Macaws. I work as an avian behaviorist in Scotland and I am always amazed at how many times birds prove you wrong with their behavior.

Jacob, will take a little bit longer to heal. He is now like a pin cushion with new feathers poking through his skin. He has went through hell and back in his life. He was taken from the wild and then past from pillar to post. he ended up in the gentle hands of a lady called Scarlett, who sent him to me as I tend to work with special needs. Jacob is doing so well but is being helped with good food and love. He has the rain on his back and the sun on his feathers now.

I am so looking forward to using your Pet Remedy Charts for Birds. Any information I can get to make the lives of these wonderful creatures better is a God send.

Yvonne MacMillan
Island Parrot Sanctuary
Kerrera Argyll

We would like to thank Yvonne for sending the pictures and the story, and we encourage you to visit The Island Parrot Sanctuary website. It is a wonderful informational site pertaining to parrots and their care.

Here is a great article that can be found on the Sanctuary's website called Recognizing Illness in Parrots

Here is a link to some heart touching videos of Yvonne's work with the parrots at the Sanctuary.

While you are visiting the website PLEASE don't forget to DONATE. It is a registered non-profit charity. The Sanctuary has over 50 parrots and they need your help.

Any Donations are welcome no matter how small. Every penny donated is used for the parrots, to provide them with food, toys, heated aviaries and lots more!

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