Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Remedy

Homeopathy to the Rescue
Preventative Remedy for the Swine Flu

At this stage, Arsenicum Album is the people's homeopathic preventative remedy for the Swine Flu. Arsenicum, most closely resembles the majority of the symptoms found in the Swine flu. Although, this information does not apply to pet healthcare we are including it for pet owners so that they can remain healthy to take care of their companion animals.

• 2 pilluels of Arsenicum Album 30c

• 1 clear plastic disposable cup

• 4 ounces of distilled or purified water

Put 4 ounces of pure water in a disposable cup. Put 2 pills of Arsenicum Album 30c into the water that is in the cup. Gently stir the solution.  

DOSE: Using a disposable plastic spoon, take 1 teaspoon from the remedy cup orally (hold the liquid in your mouth for as long as it is comfortable before you need to swallow). This should be repeated once weekly until the epidemic is no longer a threat. Using their own spoon, everyone in the family can take a preventative dose from this cup the same time. After dosing, dispose of any left over remedy, also discard the used cup and the spoon(s).

Do not save the left over remedy mixture. 

• Each week, make a new remedy cup following the directions above and repeat the dosing procedure. Continue the preventive protocol of taking the remedy once weekly until the epidemic threat is over. Then take one dose a month through the rest of the flu season.

• Do not save the left over remedy mixture.

Note: To avoid negating (causing it not to work) a homeopathic remedy, you should not touch it with your hands. Use a plastic disposable spoon or the cap of the container to dispense the pills. If you accidently touch or drop one just throw it away and dispense a new one. It is best to take homeopathic remedies into a neutral mouth. This means that before or after taking a remedy your mouth should be free of food or drink (especially coffee) for 20 to 30 minutes. You should avoid smoking or brushing your teeth right before or after taking a remedy too.

Homeopathic remedies come in many forms. Hylands brand, makes a soft dissolve tablet. Boiron's brand, (shown in picture) comes as hard pillules that are slow to dissolve. If the brand you are using is hard and slow to dissolve, put the pills in a small folded piece of white paper and crush the remedy on a hard surface with a flat kitchen knife. Then sprinkle the powdered remedy into the water cup.

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  1. This is excellent advice!

    My personal Homeopathic M.D., Dr. Luc De Shepper, a world renown teacher and practitioner gave me the exact same advice.

    Everyone should be doing this as a preventative during the period.

    Kudos to you, for presenting this valuable information on you blog.

    Cathy in CA