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Natural Remedies for Diarrhea

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Homeopathic Remedies for Diarrhea

Nux Vomica 200c or 30c could be considered in cases of diarrhea and nausea caused from drug side effects or vaccines, digestive upsets such as a change in diet, overeating or eating garbage. It is also good for pets who do not digest fats well. Here's a homeopathic secret for pet owners (we hope you never need it) who overindulge in drinking beer... Nux Vomica is the #1 hangover remedy for a beer binge. 
Podophylum 200c or 30c is a good all round first aid choice in many cases of diarrhea. Symptoms may include stools that containing mucus, have a putrid odor, greenish color, have the characteristic of being hydrant or gushing, the anus may prolapse. 
Veratrum Album 200c or 30c for dysentery type diarrhea, with vomiting and dehydration. The pet may be weak and cold. The animal is on the verge of collapse. A key note to this remedy is sudden onset and rapid deterioration. The pet should have veterinary care as soon as possible. 
Arsenicum Album 200c or 30c. The animal is restless. Vomiting and diarrhea may take place at the same time. The stool may have a very sickening and foul odor. The color may be black and the consistency very watery. The anus may be inflamed. The animals may show signs of frequent straining, the animal may loose physical strength. An example would be a very weak dog suffering with a parvovirus infection. Arsenicum is the #1 remedy in cases of food poisoning. 
Phosphoric acid 30c is often considered if the animal has undigested food in the feces. The diarrhea that resembles this remedy often comes on from fright or anxiety. The case is usually mild and the stool has very little odor. 
Phosphorus 200c or 30c When you think of phosphorus think of bleeding and a painful, partially open anus. The feces will be very foul and the animal profoundly weak. The animal may be nervous and demand attention.   

Choose the remedy that most closely corresponds to the pet's problem. Do not mix the remedies together. Only give one remedy. One of these remedies will usually do the trick to check an acute case of diarrhea. So, we suggest you add these to your home healthcare kit for your pets. The above homeopathic remedies not only apply to dogs and cats but can be used for you and other pets too; everything from ferrets and birds, to horses and goats.

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Herbs to the Rescue for Pets
Slippery elm, will sooth the stomach and intestines. It is a nutritive herb with emollient and slightly astringent qualities. It possesses an abundant mucilage which will soothe irritation, disperse inflammation, draw out impurities, heal rapidly, and greatly strengthen. The powder can be made into a gruel that makes a nutritious food for convalescents; it is easy to assimilate. Its action is so gentle that it can be retained by delicate stomachs when other substances are rejected.

Astragalus is an excellent herb used extensively in Chinese Medicine. It is considered to be a powerful immune-system booster, especially when the digestive system needs help. Chinese medicine says it boosts the Qi of the body. Astragalus can be used for pets who suffer from chronic diarrhea or chronic bacterial intestinal infections. It is also a strong alai if there are problems in the pancreas.

Flower Remedies to the Rescue for Pets
The five following remedies can be used combined to address the emotional aspect. Walnut, Crab apple, olive, star of Bethlehem and Rescue Remedy.

Cat Acupressure Points for Diarrhea

Diarrhea can cause dehydration very quickly, so always consult with your veterinarian. To calm the digestive system and balance the gastrointestinal tract, strengthen the stomach and spleen and relieve frequent, watery stools; for cats, perform point work on LI4, BL20, ST25, ST36, SP6 and SP9.

Dog Acupressure Points for Diarrhea

For dogs, perform acupressure point work on LI4, BL20, ST25, ST36, SP4, SP6, and SP9.

Food Therapies
Try temporarily changing to a bland diet using white rice, boiled beef or chicken, and boiled, soft mashed carrots. Other foods that can be given temporarily to help slow the transit time of the gut would be a potato base diet. Use a half and half mix of mashed white potatoes and sweet potatoes, with some boiled chicken added.

For precise dosing guidelines and additional healing and remedy choices we recommend "Pet Remedy Charts". For more information and to view the charts click the link below. 

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