Saturday, May 2, 2009

Flower Essence Repertory

Bach Flower Formulary 

This is a list of flower remedy combinations that may help in specific conditions and situations. Flower essences treat physical conditions on an emotional level. Physical treatments should always be considered simultaneously.

Boarding: Walnut, chestnut bud, honeysuckle, star of Bethlehem, olive, gentain, white chestnut; also for the owner who worries about the pet during separation.
Anemia: Walnut, chestnut bud, olive, star of Bethlehem, gentain
Animals that do not get along (jealously): Walnut, cheastnut bud, beech, willow, holly
Barking excessively: Chestnut bud, cerato, heather, vervain
Car sickness: Walnut, chestnut bud, scleranthus, mimulus, Rescue Remedy
Cystitis caused or aggravated by fear: Walnut, chestnut bud, aspen, mimulus, rock rose
Dermatitis: Crab apple, walnut, chestnut but, Rescue Remedy
Detoxification: Crab apple, walnut, chestnut bud, olive, gentain
Diarrhea: Walnut, crab apple, olive, star of Bethlehem, Rescue Remedy
Epilepsy: Walnut, cherry plum, scleranthus, larch, olive
Fear: Walnut, chestnut bud, mimulus, aspen, rock rose, larch
Grieving, Star of Bethlehem, walnut, honeysuckle, chestnut bud, gentain
"Healing crisis": If the aggravation lasts more than a few hours give gentain and Rescue Remedy. When the problem is resolved, discontinue giving the gentain and Rescue Remedy and continue with the original remedy or combination.
Incontinence: Walnut, chestnut bud, olive, agrimony
Infections: Crab apple, walnut, olive, gentain, Rescue Remedy
Paralysis: Walnut, chestnut bud, star of Bethlehem, gentain, olive, scleranthus
Stressful environment: Mixture of walnut, mustard, wild rose, crab apple sprayed in the area
Trips to vet or groomer: Rescue Remedy, elm, aspen, mimulus, sweet chestnut
Trailering (horses): Walnut, chestnut bud, mimulus, aspen, rock rose, scleranthus
Training: Walnut, chestnut bud, olive, clematis, impatiens, wild oat
Trauma: Walnut, crab apple, gentain, olive, star of Bethlehem, Rescue Remedy
Vestibular syndrome: Walnut, scleranthus, olive, cherry plum, chestnut bud, star of Bethlehem
Vomiting: Rescue Remedy, crab apple, walnut, star of Bethlehem, olive

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